Movcam Pro Max A camera steadicam load 20.5kg Stabilizer Sled + Arm + Vest
Movcam Pro Max A camera steadicam load 20.5kg Stabilizer Sled + Arm + Vest
Movcam Pro Max A camera steadicam load 20.5kg Stabilizer Sled + Arm + Vest
Movcam Pro Max A camera steadicam load 20.5kg Stabilizer Sled + Arm + Vest
Movcam Pro Max A camera steadicam load 20.5kg Stabilizer Sled + Arm + Vest
Movcam Pro Max A camera steadicam load 20.5kg Stabilizer Sled + Arm + Vest

Movcam Pro Max A camera steadicam load 20.5kg Stabilizer Sled + Arm + Vest

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Movcam Pro Max A camera steadicam load 20.5kg Stabilizer Sled + Arm + Vest

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MOVCAM Pro Max A camera steadicam kit load 20.5kg Stabilizer Sled + Arm + Vest


  • High-end camera stabilizer, leading rig in the industry.
  • This new model excels in balance. Its unique combination of bearings guarantees easy adjustment for static and dynamic balance and enables smoother operation. Both the mounting stage and the lower basement have wide range of adjustment to suit different cameras in achieving balance.
  • The central cable is specially design and contains 2x 14awg wires that are for high end stabilizers.
  • Modular design helps operators deal with different shooting needs.
  • Pro-max A is compact in design, easy to maintain and clean.
  • Two aluminum cases are included in the standard configuration for convenient transport.
  • Max Load: 45 lb / 20.5 kg
  • Stablizer length: 75cm-160cm


Part 1. Sled / Stablizer (750mm-1800mm)

Every component of Pro-max A meets cameramans requirement for quality: the mounting stage, the upper junction box, the gimbal, the lower basement, the monitor kit as well as the telescopic post.

The camera mounting stage can be finely adjusted side-to-side and fore and aft to help achieve both static and dynamic balance. Pro-max A mounting stage is featured in its precision engineering, wide range of movement and tool-free adjustment.

The circuit/electronics system consists of the upper junction box and lower basement. It uses heavy duty quality electronics safeguarded by multi-protection design. The electronics provides excellent solution to cameras for film and digital HD cameras.

The central cable inside the post is of composite wires that are developed from special structure design, including 2x 14awg wire, 2x 20awg wire, 4x 26awg wire and 2x coaxial cables. This design can ensure high quality in either high speed photography ( in film shooting or digital HD and in HD program production.

Being leading brand in precision electronics and optical fiber industry, Swiss Lemo supplies with high quality connectors and related technical support, which guarantees the performance of Pro-Max A electronics connectors. In addition, the optimized electronics and lower basement with three battery mounts can prolong shooting time considerably and avoid the sled being top heavy. But the number of battery used in shooting varies from one to three in accordance with shooting requirements to provide either 12v power supply or 24v power supply. To safeguard the use of battery and prolong its service life, our special design requires at least 2 batteries working at the same time while one of them is on the bottom mount.

Precision and fluid gimbal is the core element for the whole rig and its balance. Pro-max A gimbal uses a unique combination of bearings to reduce the gap in between them and increase its load capacity.

Pro-Max A utilizes carbon fiber in many parts of the rig, including the post, monitor rod and battery rod. The post is of 4-stage at 2 carbon fiber with adjustable length at 750mm-1800mm

Pro-Max A is highly compatible. Its post is exchangeable with other brand posts and upgradeable to 1.5 post and optional accessories.

Part 2. Arm


Pro-Max A arm is developed on the classic 6-spring structure. The engineers re-adjusted the geometric relation among the parts, thus improved the load capacity of the arm up to 60lbs. It works smoothly and quietly. The arm tension is much soft so that little effort is needed in lifting up or pressing down the arm.


The major material used in the arm is high intensity lightweight aluminum alloy featured with precision machining and quiet operation. The arm cover is made of special high strength, notch ductile composite material. It feels good and works safe.

The arm-vest connector is of standard specifications. It is easy to adjust the balance between the rig and the operator.


The arm connectors are compatible with vest and sled of other brands.


Part 3. Vest


Our vest offers more comfort and looks fashionable.


The standard vest of Pro-max A is backmount carbon fiber vest. Buyers can choose normal front vest instead according to their own preference.

This vest avails of the study of ergonomics. Its unique design reduces greatly the burden on the operators back and waist because it puts the supporting joint of the arm on the back part of the vest, which makes this vest the operators favorite.

Carbon fiber is widely used in aviation industry. It is light, strong and notch ductile. It cuts down the weight of the vest considerably.

Air chute has been considerately added in the structure of the vest so that sweat can evaporate quickly. In addition, the ultra-light ventilating net fabric is another element that ensures comfort during operation.

Fit design can surely reduce burden. We offers special custom-tailor service upon request, including putting the operator's name on the rig.

The vest is a combination of the professional knowledge of the designers and their devotion and diligence to the work: the ergonomic cutting, highly ventilating fabric and free adjustment for perfect fit. The uniqueness of this vest lies in its sincere care for the user.

Another feature of this vest is that it, scientifically and ingeniously, allocates the pressure evenly to several parts of the users body instead of on

one part, which greatly reduces the pressure on the users spinal column and consequently ensures easy and smooth breathing.


Besides, the adjustable chest shield can better suit users of different sizes.

The supporting structure of the vest uses reinforced lightweight aluminum alloy with matte surface. The bridge can be adjusted up and down. The arm connector can be adjusted to suit both the righty and the lefty users.

Kit Includes:

  • Three main parts: Sled + Arm + Vest
  • Accessories:
  • 1). 1pc Heavy duty rack
    2). Rack ring
    3). Follow focus bracket
    4). Alluminum alloy flycase
    5). Vest case
    6). 1 set T-shape wrench
    7). 1pc Camera power cord
    8). 1pc Monitor power cord
    9). 2pcs BNC vedio cables
    10). 3/8'' fastening screw
    11). 1/4'' fastening screw
    12). Fast releasing pin
    13). Fast mounting plate

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